Analysers and Detectors for Rent, & Used Equipment for Sale

Analyser and detector rental

  •  Do you need to conduct a one-off analysis on a specific date?
  • Are you considering purchasing one of our portable detectors but want try before you buy?

E.P.A. provides all the analysis equipment you need to carry out your analyses. We make every effort to deliver you the equipment on your desired date and location.

Renting the equipment means you can adapt it for use according to your individual requirements, giving you FLEXIBILITY and IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the tools. It also means you can use powerful tools at low cost, and without the any of the worries of maintenance, calibration, maintenance costs etc.

In order to guarantee the availability of our equipment on a given date, please contact our Sales Department on 05 53 900 900 to make a booking.

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Used analysers and detectors for sale

Here you can find all the used equipment that E.P.A. has for sale. Opting for second-hand equipment can be an excellent way to save money. This is why we at E.P.A. is committed to providing second-hand equipment to its clients to ensure they have access to high-performance equipment without breaking the bank. Our used analysers and detectors have all been verified, or in some cases refurbished to ensure they’re fully-functional.

This section is updated regularly, so please check back regularly to see all our best deals.

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