GC 8900 - Portable VOC Chromatograph

A 2nd detector can be fitted

The GC8900 portable analyser is a reliable, industrial analyser designed for chromatographic separation. It allows for the SPECIFIC measurement of your compounds in air or in water from a few tens of ppt (parts per trillion!). It has already been put to scores of different uses by clients the world over. Its wide range of options mean the GC8900 portable analyser can meet all your analytical needs. With 3 different detectors, multiple analytical methods, different outputs, upstream sample processing, two control modes (remote or on-site) etc ....

Compounds detected

The GC8900 portable Chromatograph analyses volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as Benzene, Toluene, Trichlorethylene, Perchlorethylene, Propylene, Isopropylene, Phosphine, Hexane, Heptane, Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia etc, as well as aromatic hydrocarbons.

Industrial PC with SKYCHROM software
The GC8900 portable chromatograph is PC-operated and runs using the SKYCHROM software. This powerful software has many features:

  • Automatic scaling
  • Programmable auto zero
  • Management of calibration parameters (frequency, concentration etc)
  • Alarms (by compound or point)

Scale of analysis
The analytical scale of the GC8900 portable chromatograph is 50 ppt at X ppm (with high sensitivity detector).

Characteristics of the GC 8900 chromatograph

  • 3 detectors to choose from: PID, FID, TCD
  • Option of mounting TWO detectors
  • Sensitivity:
    • <50- 100 ppt HSPID (on aromatics)
    • <1 ppb PID (on aromatics)
    • <100 ppb FID
    • <10-50 ppm TCD (universal)
  • Humidity: <95% RH
  • Self-diagnosis alarm: Calibration supply, auto zero etc
  • Cycle time: varies according to application (<2-3min)
  • Flow Sample pump:> 1 litre / min
  • Reproducibility: 2% of the measure
  • Accuracy: 1% of full scale
  • Operating temperature: 5 ° -45 ° C
  • Automatic and programmable calibration
  • Measurement scale: 50 ppt at X ppm (with high sensitivity detector)
  • Outputs: RS-232/485, 4-20 mA, Relay
  • Display: Fluorescent, 2 line 20 character
  • Universal Power Supply: 100V-230 V 50 Hz
  • Power needs: 100 watts Max
  • Dimensions: 44.22 (L) x 23.78 (H) x 37.67 (D) (cm)
  • Weight: 13.6 kgs

GC 8900 Chromatograph Uses

The GC8900 portable chromatograph has a wide range of applications:

  • Environmental: VOC pollution control monitoring, chlorine (trichloethylene, perchloethylene, etc), sulfur discharges (odours, ppb, H2S, DMS Et-SH, Me-SH), liquid waste discharges
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Industrial processes: measurement of compounds in gas or liquid state


  • Choice of 3 detectors (PID, FID, TCD)
  • 2 detectors can be fitted
  • Measurement scale from a few ppt to x ppm