GC301DP ppm PID Chromatograph

The GC 301 DP chromatograph consists of:

A large oven

The GC 301 DP chromatograph is a fully-automatic chromatograph designed for continuous measurement of simple and relatively light compounds (the isothermal oven heats up to 200 ° C). It can accommodate filled columns, megabores and capillaries of up to 50 metres.

PID detector (Photoionisation)

The PID detector is equipped with a 10,6eV, UV lamp and is capable of measuring a diverse range of compounds, such as sulfurs(H2S, Et-SH, Me-SH, DMS, DMDS, CS2, etc), aromatics (BTEX) solvants (alcohols, aldehydes ketones etc), chlorinated solvents from 1-10 ppb (according to the compound) and up to several hundred ppm without prior concentration.

A 5-way sequencer

The compact 5-channel sequenceris located underneath the chromatograph. It has an integrated bypass pump and allows sequential sampling of 5 samples at a distance of up to 30 metres each.

Prints out Results

Results can be printed automatically (for each measurement) or at the point when values ​​specified in the method are exceeded.


  • PID detector with 10.6 eV lamp
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Wide range of applications (toxic, well logging, IAQ...)
  • Integrated GC software, large LED Touchscreen display
  • multiple outputs (4-20 mA, USB, LAN, alarm relays...)